Activities atChitwan National Park

Elephant Safari

The most popular is the elephant safari where you can get up close and personal with several animals, while admiring the views of the National Park from the back of an elephant.

Canoe Ride & Jungle Walk

A canoe ride combined with a jungle walk is another option. Our guide takes you down the Rapti River on a canoe and brings you back through the forest.

Activities at Chitwan National Park

Jeep Drive

Those that do not fancy either of the above option can opt for a jeep ride. Our jeep will take you around the park and to places most likely to have good sightings of animals.

Village Tour

We also organise a village tour giving you a first hand taste of the lives of the Tharu people that have lived and preserved the forest for centuries.

Activities at Chitwan National Park

Traditional Evening

If that is not enough we also request the Tharus to come and perform their traditional dance for you around a long fire in the evening.

Elephant Breeding Centre

Apart from all this you can visit the elephant breeding centre, home to the homeless and orphan elephants, being taken care of by the forest department.

Activities at Chitwan National Park