Chitwan National Park

Chitwan, the richest in game and the most accessible national park in Nepal, offers it's visitors the best in flora and fauna. The majestic Tiger, the almost unnoticeable, the one horned Rhino of the swampy grasslands and the tall Sal are just some of the attractions here.

Chitwan National Park

Covering an area of 1162 sq. km. Chitwan is a mix of dense forest, open grasslands, tribal villages, gurgling rivers (Rapti) and vast sand beaches.

Apart from the already mentioned inhabitants Chitwan also offers Deer, Leopards, Monkeys of different types, Wild Boar, Gaur, Elephants and the prehistoric Crocodiles and Gharials and a lot more to naturalists and enthusiasts of all ages.

Bird watchers too find a variety like none other to focus their binoculars on. Storks, Geese, Kingfishers, Ducks, Pitas, and Owls are just a few examples.

Chitwan National Park

How to get there?

By Road: Around 4-5hrs Drive from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Around 5hrs Drive from Nepal India Boarder called Sunauli.

By Raft and Road: For the more adventurious, You can do an exciting white water rafting trip at Trisuli River of varying duration enroute to our Resort.

By Air: You will reach our Resort after a short picturesque 20 minutes flight (Ktm/Bharatpur) and a drive of 30 minutes.

What to Bring?

Being a forest area you are advised to bring a few dark coloured clothes for jungle activities, otherwise you can dress the way you want according to the weather. Apart from a wardrobe you are advised to bring Sun Hats, Sun Block, Insect Repellants, Flashlights, Cameras, Binoculors, Sun Glasses and whatever else you might deem necessary.